Watch your step traveler, for here is what the old maps used to warn about. Here, lurking in the forest, in the oceans…

Some people have birds and beasts that plague their forests, but here…

Here be dragons.

The Dragon Within:

Are dragons good…or evil?

Kaena Armae doesn’t really care either way. No one’s seen a dragon in over twenty years, so why should she even care?

But when she comes face to face with the shocking truth in the forest near her home, she is forced to choose sides in a feud that started centuries ago.

And the real war is just beginning.

Now, Kaena must convince opposing sides to join together to combat an ancient evil, or face the destruction of their whole world, forever.

But what if they’re fighting the wrong enemy?”

This is my first book in a series of fantasy novels [they’re connected, but can be enjoyed individually; you don’t have to read the first to also enjoy the second or the third] involving dragons and the stories of a few brave individuals who learn that although society may not consider them ‘special’ in any way [they’re not “chosen ones” destined to save their worlds or have prophecies written about them], they are able to make a difference in their world and bring light to their darkened lands.

If you’d like to purchase “The Dragon Within”, the link is here to buy it on Createspace, or you can purchase an autographed copy straight from me (it’s a lower price too 😉

(Or you can, y’know, click on the picture. Whichever you prefer.)

Dragons’ Bane:

front cover db
What would you do if someone offered you unlimited power?

Would you take it?

And more importantly, what price would you pay to keep it?

The Bane’s power is little more than a legend in the land of Calest, one known by many but believed by few. But with a rival country now threatening to invade and once-peaceful dragons attacking their cities, a fairytale may be their only option.Lena Maye wants no part in finding the Bane. She’s seen firsthand how power corrupted her own country, and only wants to be reunited with her father. But in order to find him, she must join forces with the distrusting and arrogant Blaze Montego…who needs her help to find the Bane.

With tensions rising on all sides and secrets slipping that could change everything they know about the world, can they find a way to work together and save Calest without being corrupted by the very force they’re fighting against?

(click on the picture to purchase!)


Dragons’ Might:

(Sequel to Dragons’ Bane)

dm front cover Finding yourself right back at square one is never easy.

For Lena Maye, it’s downright devastating.

Even with the one person who could lead her to her father presumed dead and a power-hungry empress holding half of her teammates captive, Lena’s only wish has been to return to a normal life one day and see her father again.

However, with the Bane once again free and tension building not only between their two countries, but amongst her own teammates, it’s becoming clear that no one else is willing to sit around and wait for a leader who might never show. Instead, with a risky plan in place and secret threats made, they plot to travel to her home country, both to rescue their friends and to search out the one thing that may possibly stop the Bane.

But they’re not the only ones who are after these ancient powers. And the Empress is closer to her goals than even she realizes.

The race for the world is on.


(Summer 2018) “???”


The anticipated third novel in the Dragons’ Bane series, title yet to be revealed. 😉


Thoughts or comments? Feel free to post them below!

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