Cover Reveal: Dragons’ Hope!!

It’s TIME. Have you been waiting as excitedly for this as I have? 😀

I’ve been working on the third book of this series (recently revealed to be titled Dragons’ HOPE) for a while now, and I still have a while further to go, but I have the front cover all finalized with my cover artist and, guys. I think this might be my favorite of the three.

ALSO, if you want a chance to get a free digital copy of either Dragons’ Bane or Dragons’ Might…keep reading!! ^-^

Are you ready for this? 😀

*Drumroll, please*



…Presenting… the cover of the THIRD Dragons’ Bane book…







Isn’t it gorgeous? *Heart eyes* ^-^ 😀 😀 😀 I especially LOVE the tiny hidden dragon in the back, and the color scheme, and…y’all, I have an absolutely incredible cover artist. ❤ Oh my goodness.

As for further details on the book? I’m afraid even the working synopsis would be quite spoiler-filled for those who haven’t read both Dragons’ Bane and Dragons’ Might, BUT, I do have a few little tidbits from what I’ve been writing, and I’ll give you the tagline of the synopsis.

😀 The rest, my friends, will be all revealed in due time. 😉



How can you stand for something when you don’t remember who you are?


“Would you stop showing up at my doorstep injured?”
Her voice was soft but worried—an odd combination for Olive— as she ushered him inside.


“Do it, Tiel.” His voice was low. Too low. “Save your friend, and me the trouble of coming up with a charge against you. I might not have power over my sister here, but you…” His grin widened. “We both know there’s more to you than meets the eye.”


She was made of stone, not in the same way that he was. His walls kept people out; hers kept people in. They were a fortress protecting those she most cared about, shielding them from the outside and the pain she felt in her inner being.

How different it would have been, if they had met years earlier. Would they have still recognized the same things in each other?


He hadn’t meant to get attached to this group. They were as ragtag and disjointed as he’d expected them to be, and yet they hadn’t been the only ones to die that night. A piece of him felt painfully, brutally missing, like his capacity to breathe had been stolen away, twice, and he didn’t know how to go on without it.

They had crept into his heart, just partners in this impossible scheme at first. He had been skeptical, but they were all as disillusioned as he was, and yet willing to give it a chance all the same. None of them thought they would be heroes. All of them still considered this a worthwhile pursuit.

It had happened slowly and unwittingly, like tripping over a brick and taking a path you never intended to. Joking words slowly became the entrance for something more, teasing rivalries giving room for a fondness and sincerity that he hadn’t expected from them.


And introducing…a brand NEW character who will end up showing up in Dragons’ Hope. 😉 She’s super fun, guys. I think you’re going to love her.


Jocelyn Reys had been called a thief and a liar before, but never at the same time. People were either concerned with what she took or what she gave, never both.

She rather liked the sound of it, though. A lying thief. A thieving liar. They sounded more affectionate than boring old ‘thief’. Like her father calling her ‘you little rascal’ long ago.

The man who had been chasing her was far from affectionate, however. He had a knife and towered nearly twice as tall as her, his heavy steps pounding in opposition to hers like the harmony to her heart’s melody.


Well? 😀 What do you think of it?? Are you excited? 😀 (AND, would you like the chance to get a digital copy of the first or second books for free? :O

I really, really want to promote this wherever I can, to get people excited about the series, and I would LOVE it if you’d help me out! ^-^ I’d love it so much, in fact, that if you’re willing to help me out with this cover reveal and post the cover on social media/a blog/wherever you like to hang out, I will send you a code for a FREE digital copy of either Dragons’ Bane or Dragons’ Might! (if, you know, you already own Bane. 😉 )  Just tag me in your post or send me the link to where you’ve shared the cover and I’ll send you the coupon code! ❤

. . .

ALSO, in case anyone is dying to know, I don’t yet have an official release date for Dragons’ Hope, yet. Sorry, guys! Life has been busy and this book has taken some figuring out, and I want it to be the best it can be! 🙂 I’m aiming for a release before the end of the year though, don’t worry! That gives me plenty of time to get everything worked out and polished up to shiny dragonscale perfection. 😉 Until then, stay posted for more news/excerpts and progress on the book! 😀

You all are so wonderful and I appreciate the help so much! I LOVE hearing your reviews of the books and what you thought of the characters; it makes my author heart very happy. ^-^ I will gladly discuss any part of the series with you anytime, wherever you can find me. 😉

Talk to you all later! ❤





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