Getting Back Into The Swing of Things

Sometimes I think taking a break is a necessary step to growth.

And maybe if you take off running when the whistle blows, it’s okay to slow down and change your game plan before you reach the end.

I mean…if you can already see that your plan isn’t going to get you to the finish line, why keep doing things that way? You can always change the way you do things. Always improve on them.

That’s a big thing I’ve learned over the last six months. Because to be honest, I thought I could take off running without doing any training beforehand. And maybe, yeah, I would figure things out after the forty or so failed times, but when you can get help…it’s kinda silly to turn it down, isn’t it?

I used to think that once I started doing something…I had to stick with it the way I was doing it, until I finished it. There’s so much talk about brand and your profile when it comes to authors, and it seemed like whatever you started with, you were stuck with it.

But that’s just not true. Because your work, whether it’s a book or a blog or something totally different, does not define you. You define it. And really, we all change so much day by day. We’re constantly learning new things and getting better and changing how we do things. So who cares if your start was rough? We all started off that way. And we all still have rough edges, but we don’t have to stay that way.

My first book took me around three to four years to write. I started that when I was about thirteen and worked on it on and off for a few years before actually sitting down and making a deadline to finish the thing.

And since then, I’ve learned a lot. I’m realizing too that plans can be fluid. There’s a lot of things I thought I would be doing with this second book that just…don’t work for the book anymore. It’s gone through many rewrites that have drastically changed the story as I’ve learned how to write books better. And even still, I’m learning more each day and changing and improving things. I’m a very different writer than I was a few years ago, and that’s okay.

All this is, of course, to say…I’m back to blogging again. 🙂 And I’ve learned a lot, which will hopefully show in my writing and in everything I’m working on. I’m also excited to reintroduce you to my new book, Dragons’ Bane, which I hope to have published in May of this year. It’s gone through so many rewrites as I’ve learned new things and applied them that it’s a very different book now, hopefully for the better.

Oh, and I don’t know how often I will be posting, but my commitment is to write a post at least once a week, maybe more if I have something else to talk about.

Wow. There’s so much to catch up on. But I’m excited. 😛 It’s a bit of a late start to the new year, but hey, better late than never, right? 😉




Published by: MelodyJAuthor

Melody Jackson is a young “crazy dragon lady” and a lover of all things geek. She resides in the rainy state of Oregon with too many books and not enough time to write (or read) them all. When she’s not spinning the tales in her head into stories, she can be found working undercover at a grocery store or gathering intel for her next stories, and food for the dragons. Dragons need pizza too, you know?

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