New Year, Still Forgetful

Well, it’s a new year, everyone, and of course I meant to get a blog post up…but never hit ‘publish’. Yeah, I know, I’m so clever. *sigh*

New year, same me. I’m not so sure that’s a bad thing, per se, but there are a few things I’ve still got to work on. For one, this blog. It’s, quite frankly, an unorganized mess. I really need to figure out what sort of things I should post and when…if anyone even reads this at all, haha. :p
I don’t know. Maybe when I become a New York Times bestselling author people will look at this blog and I’ll hide my face. I mean, maybe there’s some good posts on here…but I know how terrible I am about keeping to a schedule. I blame it on my one-track mind. 😉
And I know, if anything that should keep me from getting distracted…but not so when my one-track mind is already completely focused on Dragons’ Bane, which is, excitedly, half finished!! 😀
And, I’ve got a really cool idea that just came to me. 🙂 There’s 52 (approximately, right?) weeks in a year, right? Well..52 of a lot of things would be just too much, but surely there’s got to be 52 different writing resources I can tell you about, right?
Well, we’ll try it, at least. If we run out of resources…I’ll come up with some new ones or something. 😉 We’ll call it “Writing Advice From Everyday Life”, or WAFEL for short. 😉 Maybe that’ll be a sort of code word…so if I start talking about waffles, you’ll know where I’m going with this.
Well, first post of the new year, and I plan to make things much more fresh and exciting and hopefully updated! I’ve also taken a look at my views data from last year, so my blogging days may have changed slightly to fit the days when everyone seems to check the blog. 🙂
So, for your viewing, here is my blogging plan for 2015:
MONDAY:  I will be bringing you a lovely writing quote every Monday to help get you motivated and excited, along with perhaps a little rabbit trail of my thoughts about it. (you know that’s what I do 😉 
TUESDAY: A link to the blog I help post on, Crackin’ The WIP (Today, this link will appear at the end of today’s post)
WEDNESDAY: It appears no one likes Wednesday for blogging, even though I’ve been blogging on that day, so no post on Wednesdays. 
THURSDAY: Possibly controversial discussion about writing rules and when not to follow them. As one of my favorite writing quotes states: Never take someone else’s writing advice too seriously! There is always an okay time to break rules…once you’ve properly learned them, that is.
FRIDAY: Another probably-no-blogging day, although it will be left open for special posts and maybe even Dragons’ Bane updates. 🙂
SATURDAY: There will be WAFELs every Saturday just for fun, because who doesn’t like WAFELs? 😉
Author interviews, book reviews, book quotes…anything having to do with someone else’s book other than mine! I’m thinking once a month I’ll do a ‘Book of the Month’ spotlight and discuss a book I’ve read/am reading. (Sneak peek: I just recently finished Orphan’s Song, so this Sunday I’ll post a review about it, with maybe a little surprise too…Stay tuned!)
And that’s about it for now! I’ve got a nice little stack of blog ideas, pretty pictures, quotes, and inspiration all geared up for some (hopefully) great posts this year!
Have a wonderful year, everyone!!
P.S As promised, here is the link to my post on character arcs over at Crackin’ The WIP. You don’t want to miss it!! 

Thoughts or comments? Feel free to post them below!

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