The Books Have Arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m so excited!!!!! Today my books arrived!!! 😀
This is so cool!!!!!! I’ve finally got my physical copies of “The Dragon Within”! Don’t they look cool???
Ahhhhh I’m so happy!!!!! 😀 They look great and Createspace did a wonderful job! 
Now, who wants a copy? 🙂

Published by: MelodyJAuthor

Melody Jackson is a young “crazy dragon lady” and a lover of all things geek. She resides in the rainy state of Oregon with too many books and not enough time to write (or read) them all. When she’s not spinning the tales in her head into stories, she can be found working undercover at a grocery store or gathering intel for her next stories, and food for the dragons. Dragons need pizza too, you know?

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4 thoughts on “The Books Have Arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. Thanks!!!! 🙂
    Actually, no; I did the gloss, and I'm very happy with how it turned out! If you use the matte for WSL though, let me know how it looks, cause I was debating about it as well but chose gloss in the end, haha, mainly for the fact that if something got on the cover, it would be easy to get off. 😛

  2. Oh okay – I was just wondering because they look matte in the photos. Anyway, I'm going to check to see if I can get a free copy to compare the gloss vs. matte for HTFH (you can change it after it's published). If I like it, I'll do the same comparison for WSL when it's ready. I'm not sure how it'll look with the cover image though.

  3. That's because I tried hard to tilt the angles to keep the glare off the books so you could actually see them. :),
    Oh, you mean the samples? I was going to do that, but it said you had to pay for it, and I knew what the gloss looked like so I decided I'd go for that.

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