How "The Dragon Within" Got Started

By: Melody Jackson 

A couple years ago, I became very fascinated with dragon stories, and particularly, wanting to write my own. The problem was, I had no idea where to start. I had never written a novel before! I had no plot, no characters, no ideas except I wanted to write a book with dragons in it. So, that idea sat in the back of my mind for a while, but didn’t really get started. Then one night, I had a dream.

In the dream, there were many dragons, and they were fighting against each other, the boundaries between the sides marked by a wide river. My mission was to get these dragons to stop fighting each other. I don’t know if I succeeded or not, because I don’t remember the rest of the dream. But that dream was the spark I needed to start my own story.

My idea wasn’t even like the dream in the beginning exactly, or even now. But I grabbed my notebook the next day and wrote it all  down, about a land where dragons were good, but considered evil by humans, and a girl who had to prevent a war between the two races. The story has changed much since then, but the original concept has remained the same. 



Published by: MelodyJAuthor

Melody Jackson is a young “crazy dragon lady” and a lover of all things geek. She resides in the rainy state of Oregon with too many books and not enough time to write (or read) them all. When she’s not spinning the tales in her head into stories, she can be found working undercover at a grocery store or gathering intel for her next stories, and food for the dragons. Dragons need pizza too, you know?

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